For Entrepreneurs - RD&X Network
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For Entrepreneurs

RD&X Network is a technology network which is leveraging adtech, martech and deep tech like AI and ML, Robotics, XR, IoT and Blockchain to provide creative, media, data, and business transformation to enterprises globally. We offer new-age, real-time and disruptive solutions to businesses, helping them grow exponentially.

To achieve this vision, while we are creating our cutting-edge tech offerings in-house, we are also actively looking to invest in or acquire early-stage companies in deep tech, martech and adtech domains globally that are disrupting the future.

Value proposition beyond capital:

  1. Leverage our network: Leverage not just RD&X Network’s centralized sales team, but also other network companies to drive global sales through collaboration.
  2. Founder experience: Our Founder & CEO, Rajiv Dingra brings invaluable experience in entrepreneurship and in successfully scaling up businesses.
  3. Shared services: We have a core team of experts in Strategy, Finance, IT, HR, Legal and Corporate Communications who will assist entrepreneurs in growing their business.
  4. Partner to scale: We help you build for the long-term - we will always have time for you and are committed to seeing you grow.

Our ethos is that transformation is not just for businesses, but for people as well. We call ourselves Transformists, which means we believe in continuous learning, evolution and transformation as individuals too.

If you are building a product/service that is disrupting the future of the broader marketing, advertising, media and deep tech domains, we would love to talk to you.

Drop us a line along with your pitch deck on investments@rdandx.com or fill out the below form.