We Help Our clients To Become

Real-time, Disruptive, eXponential

We enable Advertising & Marketing Transformation

RD&X Network is a Global Advertising & Marketing Transformation Startup headquartered in Dubai, with Tech Teams set roots in Bangalore and Mumbai.

We are building the platform driven future of Advertising & Marketing.

We have launched the world’s first Unified Marketing & Advertising Automation Platform, ReBid

We Believe the Future of Advertising & Marketing is Platform Driven & powered by  MadTech


Martech is a range of tools to automate and simplify marketing activities to engage known customers



Use of AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) to automate & improve marketing & advertising activities


Combining MarTech, AdTech & Deeptech to help marketers & advertisers to form a much better & more comprehensive picture of their audience

What Marketers need to do

To enable Marketing & Advertising Transformation


all media, marketing, advertising and sales data


all activation, monitoring, reporting and dashboards


all manual ad and marketing ops and rule based optimization tasks


marketing & advertising efficiencies and effectiveness

Our Platform

World’s 1st Unified Advertising & Marketing Automation Platform

ReBid is the world’s 1st Unified Marketing and Advertising AI Automation platform which is ready for the cookieless world and uses proprietary AI based algorithms that leverages MadTech (MarTech + AdTech) to simplify digital marketing. ReBid has unified workflows, data harmonization and real-time automated reporting. This translates into an immediate saving of 40% on resources and leads to incremental Returns on Ad spends (ROAS) by over 30%.

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